Welcome to The Inshore Journal


The Inshore Journal is a fishing podcast available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher Radio, and many other podcast apps on your iPhone or Android device.  Join us every week as Captain Rennie Clark and Will Lear talk fishing and interview some of the best anglers across the south and beyond. The show will also incorporate product reviews of fishing gear, apparel, boats, and anything else associated with fishing.  Join us anytime from your smart phone or computer.

About Us

Captain Rennie Clark Jr


Captain Rennie Clark Jr is a professional saltwater angler and fishing guide from Wilmington, NC.  He fishes redfish tournaments from North Carolina to Louisiana.  Over the past 10 years his fishing teams have accumulated over 60 top ten finishes, 7 Team of the year titles, 2 Redbone Series Wins, 1 National Team of Year, and a Redfish Cup Championship Win.   Fishing from Maine to Louisiana and everywhere in between has given has given Capt Ren a vast knowledge to find and pursue almost every fish that swims in fresh or saltwater.   

Will Lear


Born and raised in North Carolina, Will has had the opportunity to fish for everything from largemouth bass on small farm ponds, to fly fishing for trout on natural mountain streams, to chasing redfish on the saltwater flats.  After graduating from Western Carolina University in 1999, Will immediately moved to Wilmington, NC, where he has extensively explored the highly varied landscape of the area, as well as the vibrant nearshore fishery. With a primary focus on light tackle, artificial bait fishing, his favorite species to target are redfish, speckled trout, striped bass, Atlantic bonito, and false albacore.